3 Tasty Meals You Can Make from Leftovers


If you’re a college student, chances are that every once in a while you feel a little too adventurous and buy groceries to cook at home or you throw a party and be left with a refrigerator full of leftovers. Now you might be considering throwing away the leftovers but why would you do that when you make some amazing meals that are easy and quick?


We all get Chinese takeout every once in a while and so naturally, we can sometimes find ourselves with extra rice from last night’s dinner. Here’s what you gotta do with it. Fry it.

It’s crazy how something so tasty can be so easy. Just heat some butter or oil in a pan, chop up and throw in some onion and garlic, dump the rice, stir it, add a bag of veggies or a crack open an egg right into the pan and scramble it with the rice. That’s it. That’s literally it. You’ve made some amazing food without breaking the bank, now you can eat it while feeling intense pride.

  1. RAMEN

Okay, so maybe it isn’t strictly “leftover” if you haven’t cooked it yet but you maybe you bought too much ramen and since this is my article, I’ll give that a pass. Now, with instant noodles, the possibilities are virtually endless.

You can add some vegetables and fry it, you can add rice and fry it, you can add chicken and fry it or maybe you do not fancy frying anything today, something else then. Something like an egg? Just crack an egg right into the pan as you heat your leftover ramen and scramble it. You can add some seasoning as well. Salt and pepper will work just fine. Healthy and tasty.


There’s no other way you can make better use of leftover mac & cheese than this. Just start by taking your cold mac & cheese and rolling them into balls. Once that’s done, dip them in a bowl of beaten egg mixture, cover them in bread crumbs and then just fry them in hot oil. Done. Tear into these amazing cheesy balls of greatness in 15 minutes.

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