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Hi there, I am a freelance content writer with a background in content marketing and business management. I’ve been writing for three years now and during my time working as a full-time writer I’ve done almost every kind of writing imaginable in the digital age.

I have worked as a narrative designer developing storylines and writing scripts for video games. I’ve worked for content agencies around the globe, delivering compelling copy and engaging content in fields ranging from data security to business management. I’ve also worked as a ghostwriter, helping self-made entrepreneurs and CEOs put their thoughts into words so they can better connect with their followers.

web content specialist


I am a web content provider, copywriter, and a narrative designer.

web content provider / copywriter

I’ve been a full-time content writer for three years now. During this time, I’ve written for marketing agencies, CEOs, influencers, and brands around the globe. My areas of expertise are tech and business. 

I’ve done a number of online courses that have helped me hone my writing skills and get an edge over other writers. Courses like:

  1. Financial Markets from Yale University (coursera.com) 
  2. Strategic Management and Innovation from Copenhagen Business School (coursera.com)
  3. Viral Marketing and How to Craft Contagious Content from University of Pennsylvania (coursera.com)

  4. Advanced Writing from University of California, Irvine (coursera.com)

  5. Google’s Digital Garage, Analytics, and AdWords programs.

narrative designer / community manager

I also work as a narrative designer for a few games studios and independent game developers. I enjoy coming up with interesting characters with amazing backstories and weaving all of their stories into one amazing video game script. 

I also work as the community manager for a few people, growing their brand’s online presence. 

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