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opinion pieces

Opinion pieces are the most fun to write. The enjoyment for me comes from sharing my own personal beliefs while also making sure that I am not too biased, never turning a blind eye to facts.

These are some my opinion pieces on tech, politics, and culture. 

You are probably aware that Apple admitted to slowing down some of its older devices. In case you’re not, December of last year, Apple admitted to slowing down its devices by “smoothing out performance” when the batteries degrade beyond a certain point. They said that they do it because it’s better to have a slower phone than to have a phone that will shut down in the middle of a task. While I have to agree, is this the only way?

In October of 2008, a white paper entitled “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System” was published by a person or a group under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Little did we know that that white paper described a system that would go on to become the backbone of some of the most disrupting tech since the Internet itself.

The debate over how governments and authorities around the world are combating drug abuse has escalated quite a bit. Policies of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte against drug abuse and his war on drugs made matters worse when he claimed over 12,000 lives in the Philippines. Declared by American President Richard M. Nixon in the 1970s, the War on Drugs was supposed to eradicate drug abuse and end all drug-related crimes, sadly, that’s not what it did. The War on Drugs has failed to do what it needed to do and in the process, has destroyed millions of lives, both directly and indirectly.

In recent years the number of developing countries has increased significantly and with that, the global population. Housing and real estate have traditionally  been seen as a place to live but that is fast changing with the financialization of housing. 

Good things are always hard.

tech articles


Self-driving cars have always been surrounded by controversy and debate. People have been fascinated with the idea of not having to drive themselves from or to work but at the same time, they are not quite comfortable with the idea of giving up control of a two-ton death machine moving at speeds of up to 100 mph. But, things may soo be changing as autonomous technology develops at a rapid pace.

You need to move fast…but you’ll have to pay back that time and money you’ve borrowed! Plan ahead by understanding techincal debt.


The budget gaming laptop space has always been about compromise. Until very recently, buying a gaming laptop meant paying a crazy premium for mobility but that premium is shrinking and shrinking fast now. The scene is changing with new laptops from Acer, Dell, and Asus packing some serious punch in a very mobile package. The laptop in question today is the Nitro 5, this is the new version of Acer’s budget gaming laptop from last year.

business & marketing

This is where my business and marketing background takes lead. 

These are of the articles I’ve written for OpenSimSim, an employee scheduling software company that I’ve had the pleasure of working for almost a year. Not only o these guys have an amazing tool for businesses but also regularly provide awesome content to their readers.

Another company is Superteam, a SaaS company pairing business owners with technical staff. They have a great educational blog that entrepreneurs around the world love and enjoy.

A large part of my work is either ghostwritten for personal blogs and so I cannot post them here or is yet to be published by my clients. That said, I am allowed to privately share some of my work if you’d like to see (email me).

We go in depth on the exact reasons why businesses fail and how to spot mistakes.

People management skills to get to the top.

It’s common practice among a lot of small business owners to pay their employees in cash. Most of them are well-intentioned and are not trying to evade taxes or cheat the government. But even so, paying employees under the table is illegal and can lead to severe penalties and even jail time of up to five years…

Rockstar developer. Ninja 10x engineer. Hyperbolic names for a mythic individual


New research suggests that the most effective executives use a collection of distinct leadership styles each in the right measure, at just the right time. Such flexibility is tough to put into action, but it pays off in performance…


Employees need some time off every once in a while and that’s fine – but doing it in a way that disrupts the flow of business is not.

What is a title loan and how does it work? Title Loans Express is here to answer all your questions about title loans. 


No more lazy employees.


7 deadly sins of

Inspired by the Step by Step Guide on How to Fail article I wrote by Superteam, this is a series of 7 articles on the top 7 reasons behind startup failure.

Loved every second of this series. I got a chance to write about some great ideas that ultimately failed due to small-ish problems.

Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Part 1 of 7. We look at common reasons why startups fail and the competitive landscape of it.


Part 2 of 7. We look at common reasons startups fail. Case studies are included to provide real-world examples of the insights we discuss, premature scaling.
How does the effect of poor management impact a startup? We look at common reasons startups fail.
So you created a product….and nobody wants it! This is a common mistake — but you can avoid it with some Market Research. This blog will go over the failure and success of businesses.
It all comes down to the product. What are the factors of a successful product? The product and product design plays a vital role in the success of a startup.
Part 6 of 7. Time and money…we can never seem to have enough of them. This blog goes over what happens when a buisness is running out of money.
Lack of sustainability in a startup can make it or break it into a successful or unsuccessful buisness. Here are some examples on many businesses lack.


Probably not a category you were expecting on this website but I really love reading and learning about health.

Below are long-form articles I recently wrote for a healthcare website. I will be updating this section with more articles on mental health as soon as they are published.

What is a caregiver? What types of caregivers can help the elderly? Read more here to discover the responsibilities and duties of a caregiver.
Dehydration can be harmful and even deadly for the senior population. Here are the symptoms of dehydration and some of its main causes. Read more here.
Both assisted living and nursing houses are forms of senior homes offering long-term care, everything from assistance with activities of daily living to looking after serious health conditions. However, if you’re debating which one is right place for your loved one, note that there are some big differences between the two.
As of 2019, more than 5.8 million people are living with Alzheimer’s in the United States alone. There are millions more who are suffering from other forms of dementia. According to Alzheimer’s Association, someone new develops the disease every 66 seconds. With a disease so widespread, there is bound to be professional care and resources available nationwide, and in terms of senior care, memory care homes can be found all across the nation.
What is assisted living? Senior Care Center answers all your questions about assisted living home. Let us help you find the right home for your loved one.
What are home health agencies and personal care agencies? Read how these agencies can help you find the best senior care for your loved one.

few other

So. I’ve worked on a few games as the narrative designer (love writing creatively).

I’ve also done a fair bit of copywriting and will be making a separate section for that soon. In the meanwhile, you can send me an email for any queries/samples.

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