TUCU offers managed services in Toronto. The team uses content marketing built upon careful strategy to raise IT awareness.

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Raising IT awareness about SMB problems

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TUCU’s main goal was to establish itself as the de-facto leader in IT education for Canadian businesses.

We achieved that to great effect with comprehensive long-form guides and succinct guides that answered some of the most common questions non-tech small-medium businesses have.

Campaign #1: IT Compliance for Small Businesses

IT compliance is one of the most difficult tasks for non-tech small businesses. We ran this campaign as part of our monthly content marketing to explain the most common IT compliance frameworks in Canada.

Campaign #2: BYOD/Remote Work

To facilitate outbound marketing, I was tasked with creating lead magnets in the form of eBooks and white papers.

I also created marketing collateral for other gated content including education initiatives such as webinars and workshops.